Animal Health Brand Naming

With over 27 years of experience creating global brand names for the consumer market, Origin has great understanding and insight into what makes a successful and durable brand name. Below you can see our Animal Health Naming case studies plus the clients we have worked with.

What is Animal Health Branding?

Within animal health there are two distinct areas for products:

These are ‘commercial’ (livestock animals), think farming – animals such as poultry, swine and cattle. The other area is ‘domestic’ (companion animals), thinks pets – cats and dogs.

Both of these areas require the same level of screening and regulatory approvability through the relevant health authorities such as the FDA and the drugs will follow the same rule with an International Nonproprietary Names (INN) and a separate product name.

Why is Animal Health Branding Important?

Animal health branding is in many ways a combination of both pharmaceutical and consumer branding approaches.

One thing that makes it similar to pharmaceutical branding is that drugs have 2 names.

The first name is the INN (International Non-Proprietary Name) or the generic name, this is basically the chemical name of the active ingredient.
The second name, the one that people are most familiar with, is the brand name.

For example: Zeleris * (florfenicol / meloxicam), Zeleris is Ceva Sante’s brand name for a BRD treatment and florfenicol / meloxicam are the INN’s.

The INN is a generic name and after a period of exclusivity the product can be copied and sold by other companies. Whereas the brand name is proprietary and protected from being copied or used by anyone else.

Therefore, the brand name is essential for you as a means of building brand loyalty and differentiation for customers.

* These are brand names created by Origin

What are the Advantages /Disadvantages of Brand Name Products in Animal Health?

The approach you take for naming products can be quite different.

You will generally find that the branding for companion animals will have a more consumer feel to it for both off-the-shelf and veterinary prescription products. Whereas, the products for livestock tend to be more clinical and functional. Although this has started to change, at Origin we have worked on numerous products that are moving more towards standing-out as markets evolve and end-users become more aware.

Examples of brands within the ‘companion’ area include the family of products under the Bayer ExpertCare* umbrella brand, offering a portfolio of cat and dog products united through the look, feel and packaging. Seresto* is nice example of a calming, easy to pronounce name with a consumer feel.

Examples from the ‘livestock’ area include brands such as Plenix and Velactis.

What is a Good Marketing Strategy for Animal Health?

Deciding on the type of name that you need is an important step, there are 3 main types of brand name for drugs, at the start of a project it can be difficult to define what will work best, at Origin we help guide you through this.

  1. Stand-alone names, these are either 100% coined, providing differentiation and uniqueness, whilst communicating elements of the brand through look, feel and sound. As well as coined names that incorporate some more meaningful elements such as the functional or emotional benefits of the new brand.
  2. Family brand names, these will follow a pattern and incorporate similar word-parts, tonality or look and feel as other brands within the portfolio.
  3. Sub-brand these names are an extension of the parent brand.

Picking the right strategy and type of name is important.

At Origin, we know what it takes to get the perfect brand name for you, having created numerous brand names and identities over the past 20 years and more.

With Origin as a trusted partner in the branding process, we know we can make life easier.

When Should I Start the Branding Process for my Animal Health Product?

Don’t leave it too late, start as early as possible, finding the right name can sometimes be a more challenging exercise than people think.

Engage the key team members, take time creating the brand background, sorting out the positioning and brand messaging. Identify the strategic role the brand (and the name) is going to play in the portfolio, a great name will re-enforce the personality and positioning of the overall brand. Define a strong creative vision and brief for the brand development.

Understanding the core positioning areas and parameters early on will help to ensure that you have a name that fits perfectly and will communicate the key messages to the audience.

The need for robust and relevant screening is essential, be that legal trademarks or regulatory approval. At Origin an in-depth pre-screen of all name candidates is an integral part of the naming process. An equally important element of the name selection process is to understand the brand in its global context or even in a specific regional location.

It is essential to understand the naming process. At Origin, we know what it takes to get the perfect brand name for you. With Origin as a trusted partner in the branding process, we know we can make life easier for you.

Case Studies

CEVA Santé Animale – Forceris

CEVA Santé Animale – Plenix

Ceva Santé Animale – Ophytrium

CEVA Santé Animale – DouxoS3

CEVA Santé Animale – Seclaris

CEVA Santé Animale – Velactis


Ceva Santé Animale – Zeleris


Bayer Animal Health – Seresto


Intervet – Plerion

Ceva Santé Animale – Eprecis

CEVA Santé Animale – Tulaven


Pfizer – Eliminall


Danisco Animal Nutrition – Axtra

Ceva Santé Animale – Seboliance


DuPont – Enviva EO


Zoetis – Versifel


CEVA Santé Animale – DUOFLECT


CEVA Santé Animale – Combiva II

CEVA Santé Animale – Strectis


Bayer Animal Health – Renalzin


Pfizer – Naxcel

CEVA Santé Animale – Persovac


Pfizer – Scourguard


Pfizer – PregSure

Pfizer – Rispoval


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