Our Services

We have a passion for branding and are absolute specialists in brand naming, brand design and market research.


Our Services

We have a passion for branding and are absolute specialists in brand naming, brand design and market research.

Name Development

Linguistic Screening

Name Validation

Legal Screening

Scriptability Research & Safety Testing

Brand Design

Logo Development

Standards Manuals

Brand Strategy & Research

Name Development

Each step is clearly documented to ensure easy facilitation throughout and we are confident your team will find partnering with Origin to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Our brand naming process includes:

  • Name generation
  • Trademark pre-screen and availability searching
  • Linguistic and cultural acceptability screening
  • Name validation
  • Script and safety testing for pharma and medical products

We are so confident in our ability to do this that we offer our clients an unconditional guarantee to work with them until they have a legally-viable and regulatory approved trademark.

Linguistic Screening

We come across countless examples of brands that are not suitable from a global linguistic basis. Conducting linguistic screening by trained professionals on potential brand names is a crucial step in ensuring your brand is successful on a global basis.

We have a comprehensive process that identifies linguistically and/or culturally problematic name candidates in any global language.

We are constantly updating our list of linguistic blunders so please feel free to send us any interesting and amusing examples you find.

Name Validation

The name validation process is an effective method of achieving targeted feedback on a short list of names with target respondents.  Our process offers a name testing element in order to ascertain overall marketability with the option of additional elements for script testing and safety testing for pharmaceutical and medical products.  Origin can conduct name validation research with any respondent type in all countries.

Name testing

The intrinsic benefits of testing potential name candidates with the selected target audience is to ascertain pronunciation, distinctiveness, associations, fit to concept, overall preference, likelihood to use/purchase and recall.

Script testing

Our script testing process assesses the viability of potential trademarks when written free hand by doctors. read more

Safety testing

The goal is to simulate the clinical environment to expose problem areas so that actions can be taken to minimise or eliminate possible errors. read more

Legal Screening

In recognition of the ever-increasing challenge of registering distinctive and clear marks, Origin is continually raising the bar in terms of trademark screening.  Throughout the name generation process, we conduct preliminary online searches to eliminate obvious conflicting marks.

The next stage in the path to trademark registration is to conduct more robust searches in key markets.

Our process includes legal searches in 34 countries/databases conducted by experienced trademark attorneys at law with at least 10 years experience.  The differentiating factor of this screening is the value-added trademark information and research services it provides on a global scale.  The end result deliverable is obtaining reliable evaluations regarding your chances to successfully achieving a trademark registration in the jurisdiction you require.

Scriptability Research and Safety Testing

Script Testing

With stricter measures being imposed by regulatory authorities such as the EMA and FDA, it is clear that there is a need to mirror the procedures undertaken by these bodies when assessing the viability of potential trademarks. In light of this, Origin offers a scriptability service whereby potential name candidates are scripted by doctors (written free hand) and assessed by pharmacists.

The objective is to determine if potential brand names are considered confusingly similar when scripted (written in a doctor’s handwriting) with an agreed sample size. Doctors’ scripts are then assessed by pharmacists to determine any look-alike or sound-alike similarities with existing products and likelihood for confusion.

Safety Testing

The safety testing process comprises panel practitioner input and aims to simulate the clinical setting, taking into account the environment in which the new product will likely be stored, ordered, dispensed and administered, in order to expose problem areas and minimise risk of possible errors.

Safety testing uncovers potential problems arising from look-alike and sound-alike names and also reveals other potential nomenclature problems with the proposed trademarks. Such problems include confusion with medical terminology, jargon, abbreviations, associated equipment and laboratory tests. The evaluation includes consideration of USAN and WHO criteria to identify potential confusion with non-proprietary drug names.

Brand Design

Developing and maintaining a strong visual identity is a key requirement in creating a distinctive brand.  Your visual identity is reinforced in every single piece of communication you produce.  Each piece should reflect and enhance your image according to your vision and future objectives.

Origin offers fresh and creative ideas/concepts for new introductions (corporate, product, service) and also offers refinement and modernisation to existing logos and word marks.

Our brand design capabilities include:

  • Logo development
  • Package design
  • Pharmaceutical artwork
  • Brand modernisation and harmonisation
  • Brand name and corporate guidelines
  • Logo testing

Logo Development

A brand must express and reinforce the underlying values and personality of the product and organisation it represents.  Building a strong brand is based on a combination of detailed planning, thorough analysis, strategic thinking and well defined positioning and effective communication.

Origin’s design development process is based on a proven methodology that centres on providing the client with simple, yet thorough and effective procedures.

It is based on many years of experience in the branding field and is designed to not only provide our clients with appropriate results but also to build consensus and buy-in from key stakeholders.

Ultimately your visual brand must support the brand message, vision and market requirements and dynamically translate them to all communication material.

Packaging Design

Packaging design can make a profound difference on the sales of a product and how it is viewed by your key stakeholders and customers.

The container that holds your product is just as important as the product itself as the package is the first thing your customer sees.

We work closely with our clients to ensure our creative approach works within any business sector and their individual needs and regulatory requirements.

Where possible we work with actual packaging copy or text thereby ensuring the concepts will be accurate to the final packaging artwork requirements on size and quantity of copy or regulatory text.

Packaging Artwork

Every piece of the branding jigsaw is important and packaging artwork is no exception. However, very often our clients simply don’t have the time or resources to complete their portfolio of global packaging artwork in-house and this where our creative services can help.

Our artwork creation process is designed to ensure that your creative concepts will work for all local packaging requirements.  We create a master set of artwork for both a single-language and multi-language application, ensuring the creative concept works practically and effectively across all elements, including labelling, leaflets and cartons.

Our files are created from your submitted regulatory files thereby ensuring we have created an authentic platform for further country application. When all of the master templates are ready, they are used to develop country-specific artwork files which are ready for print.

Standards Manuals

Developing new brands takes significant time and effort.  In order to maximize the long term value of the brand, they must be implemented consistently across all communications mediums company wide.

Brand manuals provide a set of visual guidelines and standards and may include the following elements:

  • Introduction/welcome note
  • Brand rationale and messaging
  • Use of the master logo
  • Logo application and treatment
  • Colour usage
  • Communications material application
  • PowerPoint template
  • Use of imagery

Brand Strategy and Research

In today’s increasingly competitive markets, it is imperative to understand where your brand is positioned in relation to your competitors and the perception of your target audience.  This is key to maintaining and leveraging your brand.

Assessing intangible assets is not an easy process.  However, at Origin we provide an assessment methodology specifically designed to suit your individual requirements.  We offer a simple process that can assess perceptions of the brand attributes, product/service performance and brand image as well as your target audience awareness, usage and expectations of you and your competitors.

Our brand strategy and research capabilities include:

  • Brand awareness and perception studies
  • Competitor comparisons
  • Consumer requirements and usage
  • Brand tracking studies
  • Logo assessment and validation
  • Brand architecture

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