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With many products coming off patent – Is there an increasing opportunity to create branded generics?

On the surface it sounds somewhere between a great idea – an opportunity to realise more value and also a questionable investment.

Within the pharmaceutical industry the traditional models of creating value, when a product goes off patent, have included new formulations and alternative indications.

 But within animal health things appear slightly different.  Of course the right opportunity is needed – having a product and/or company that is trusted and established within the market place helps.


Eliminall and Eprecis are two examples of Origin’s successful animal health generic re-branding for Pfizer and Ceva Sante Animale.

Eliminall, a branded product of Pfizer‘s generic Fipronil for the treatment of flea and tick control in dogs and cats and in its most familiar incarnation known as Frontline.  View Origin’s Eliminall case study click here.

Another example is a branded version of the generic Eprinomection, which Origin re-branded as Eprecis – a new injectable formulation developed by Ceva Sante Animale for dairy cattle.   View Origin’s Eprecis Case Study click here.

It would perhaps be rash to suggest that two such examples constitute an industry trend but it does raise an interesting question – Is there a chance that we could see more of this?

View Origin’s Pharmaceutical brochure for further case studies  click here.