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Clients often ask us to help them avoid the common pitfalls of branding new products, services or companies.

As a company that specializes in brand naming, design and market research, we know that a challenging process can be made significantly more difficult and expensive if the following issues are not considered:

  • the time required for the development of a short list of potential brand name
  • the linguistic analysis of those names
  • the market research needed to validate the names with the target audience
  • the legal screening and registration that is required (cost and time)
  • the logo design
  • the packaging design

Other issues to consider:

  • preparing a strong brief
  • the requirements for a brand to be globally understood
  • naming anything and everything (no clear brand architecture)
  • aligning the visual identity with the essence of the brand name
  • thinking a name can do everything for the brand

Please get in touch if we can help you with any of your branding requirements.