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Johnson & Johnson asked Origin Brand Consultants to generate a list of names for a pharmaceutical name bank for strategic use within their CNS portfolio.

Along with general brand building attributes several key areas were identified to reflect the functional and emotional benefits and attributes of several key pipeline products.

Janssen Pharmaceutica, a leading company within the J&J global portfolio, selected the name XEPLION from the banked names.  XEPLION is a once monthly, long-acting injectable, antipsychotic for the treatment of schizophrenia.

With a powerful/modern tone XEPLION reflects a shift from existing approaches to treatment.  The use of long-acting therapies enables healthcare professionals to better manage non-adherence, ensuring symptom control and empowering patients to focus on shaping their lives.

XEPLION re-enforces this innovative approach, conveying next-generation control, superior disease management and improved patient well-being.