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Scary Brand Names & Linguistic Blunders A name that works in some languages may be totally inappropriate in others.  From an English speaker’s perspective, a Bimbo Sandwich, Frog’s Piss Red Wine or Aftertaste Perfume do not appear to be winners! [scribd id=111128572 key=key-650wangwdrca1k6j2es mode=scroll]

For lots of examples of great brand names created by Origin click here!

We feel it is critical to test your potential brand names from a linguistic point of view.  This not only ensures that the name works but also provides you with a deeper understanding of how the brand name works in various languages.

Please contact us if we can help with any naming or design challenges you may be facing. We guarantee you won’t end up with a funny brand name.

Thanks to all of you who sent us examples for our collection. Please keep them coming.


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