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The rise of name bank over the past few years has mirrored the increasing complexities and challenges of bringing products to market from the blockbuster to the line extension.

Name banks are a cost effective tool that provides multiple names with the ability for use across a broad range of disease areas and indications.  The names can communicate a diverse range of potential benefits or provide powerful empty vessels to be filled with meaning.

These names are ready for when time is short.  Of course this doesn’t preclude generating product specific names at the right time that communicate the key functional/emotional benefits and reflect the core positioning(s).  Ultimately – the name bank can provide an exceptionally useful pool of names as either a fall-back position or as first port of call.

Two brand names created from name bank projects were recently launched;

Tebranic is AstraZeneca’s new antibacterial powder for the injection treatment of systemic and/or local bacterial infections within the Specialist Care area.

Xeplion is a once monthly, long-acting injectable, antipsychotic for the treatment of schizophrenia from Janssen Pharmaceutica