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First… the Third Dimension

The third dimension, often known as the ‘green revolution’, kicked off in the 1950’s and 1960’s. It meant a huge increase in global agricultural production thanks to an established set of research and technology innovations.

Fourth Dimension

Today, the Fourth Dimension is still being defined, but can most easily be explained as a digital transformation.

It might sound very sci-fi but, it does reflect the general feeling of hope and advancement manifesting itself through precision farming and technological advancements.  Machine learning, remote sensing and even farm robotics are all hot topics when it comes to this digitalisation.

More Sustainability

Products are actively designed to provide more efficient and targeted solutions, encompassing an integrated approach that is sustainable and provides a better environmental impact.

New Products Are Just the Beginning

For example, FMC recently announced the launch of their Arc™ Farm Intelligence Platform within the so-called Fourth Dimension Agriculture.


BASF have also launched their integrated Xarvio™ digital platform alongside, innovative new product technologies and brands such as the fungicide Revysol ® and the insecticide Inscalis ®.




Future Innovations in Agricultural

Precision ag will be all about providing the right treatment at the right time.  Here we will take a look at four key technology trends that are being reported in the Agri-press and the wider media for the future of agriculture.

1. Remote Sensing

There are already a number of remote sensing techniques, from in-field sensors, drones and satellite imagery, that enable farmers to view their crops from multiple perspectives, helping to provide real time information and make more accurate decisions on management.


2. Machine Learning and Analytics

Creating a clever algorithm is not enough in itself and the new applications are being designed to follow the trends, treatments and auto-learn at each step. As we move forward this will help to create a farm that is truly ‘connected’ in every part.


3. Farm Robotics

Robotics are getting better and better, and their viability is being explored across the entire agricultural value chain. The main area of application for robots today is at the harvesting stage. But there is a surge in the development of seed planting and weed control robotics along with autonomous agricultural vehicles and farm robots like Ecorobotix and Agrobot. Elsewhere on the farm, for dairy herds examples include Merlin’s Robot Milker.


4. Precision Agriculture

The drive towards products and chemistry that are more sustainable and sensitive to the environment is not a new idea, but the continued innovations and technological advancements are helping to make this an achievable goal. It is generally hoped that digital farming technologies will contribute to sustainability in agriculture in a significant way.


What’s Next for the Fourth Dimension?

Watch this space, the Fourth Dimension promises to be an exciting and innovative one.


Trends in Agriculture Series: Welcome to the Fourth Dimension #2


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