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This is the second in Origin’s – Trends in Agriculture series: Welcome to the Fourth Dimension


First Dimension

The First Dimension saw humans move from a nomadic hunting and gathering way of life to a form of settled farming around 10,000 BC.

Second Dimension

The Second Dimension step-change started in the 18th century and witnessed an unprecedented increase in agricultural production, largely due to increased labour and land productivity.

Third Dimension

The Third Dimension or the most recent, often known as the ‘green revolution’, kicked off in the 1950’s and 1960’s seeing a huge increase in global agricultural production thanks to an established set of research and technology innovations.

Finally… The Fourth Dimension Agriculture

The Fourth Dimension might sound very sci-fi, but it does reflect the general feeling of hope and advancement that surrounds what some experts are calling the fourth agricultural revolution.

Today, the Fourth Dimension is still being defined, but can most easily be explained as a digital transformation. This is manifesting itself through precision farming and technological advancements. Machine learning, remote sensing and even farm robotics are all hot topics when it comes to this digitalisation.

Shift in Focus

Yet, in conjunction with this there is also a shift in the focus for products/chemistry and innovation. Products are actively designed to provide more efficient and targeted solutions, encompassing an integrated approach that is sustainable and provides a better environmental impact.

Precision ag

Precision ag will be all about providing the right treatment at the right time and Origin will be ready to help brand that product for the marketplace.


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