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A new treatment option for pain management

By July 19, 2023August 30th, 2023No Comments

Well publicised concerns over the dangers of opioid misuse are being factored into Pharma’s ongoing analgesic development in order to help address this problem.

The recent launch of Esteve’s brand Seglentis represents a step in this direction. Seglentis is a co-crystal form of celecoxib (an anti-inflammatory) and tramadol (an analgesic) and is a new chemical entity, with no prior regulatory precedent for this type of active ingredient.

The key benefits of this are the ability to provide pain relief at much lower doses than existing drugs and combination drugs, alongside the tangible benefit of better tolerability. It will offer healthcare providers an important option to treat acute pain in adults that is severe enough to require opioid treatment and for which alternative treatments are inadequate.

Staffan Schüberg, Chief Executive Officer of ESTEVE, said: “We are proud of this milestone as we understand it as a recognition of our daily efforts to meet patient’s needs and to address the challenges the pain community is facing nowadays”.