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Origin Brand Consultants created this icon for Schiedel Energy Systems, a new division of Schiedel (part of the Monier Group).

This new division will market innovative and energy-saving building products to take advantage of the huge renewable energy trend that is forever changing modern construction, i.e. low energy houses and passive houses.

Schiedel’s goal?  Prepare Schiedel Energy Systems to become a second important pillar (alongside Schiedel’s chimney and ventilation systems) that secures sustainable business growth.

Origin’s goal?   Build on and tie into Schiedel’s existing corporate design while communicating the new division in a modern and fresh.  Bottom line, create an identity that stands out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Origin’s new icon and new product brand identity makes Schiedel Energy Systems distinct and memorable.  Now its maximum thermal insulation, heat recovery and renewable based heating systems will play a crucial role in profitable business models for suppliers of house technology, building materials, and components.