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Very Scary Brand Names – not created by Origin

Yes, it’s been a while since Halloween but we still had ‘scary’ on the brain.

For that reason, this post is a cautionary tale of how truly scary brand names can get if produced without the right guidance, expertise, and experience.

Remember: None of these were created by Origin.

Never fear, we’d do right by you and your brand. It’s why we’ve been here creating brands for over 25 years.



A little heads up and apologies for these scary brand names…

Some of these are a bit crass.

And… image quality is questionable. These were found in all kinds of places! We couldn’t leave out the labels and packaging. They’re almost as ‘good’ as the names.  🙂



Use these Scary Brand Names at your peril…

You can download the pdf if you like.




Linguistic Scary Brand Names Nov 2021