Social Media

Have you searched and registered your brand names on the major social media networks?

Everywhere you turn, people are talking about the social media revolution.  It’s powerful, it’s complex, it’s everywhere – and new networks are appearing and expanding at unbelievable rates.

Today there are in excess of 400 popular social media networks but unfortunately, no one controls who can claim a brand name on a site.  This means your brand names may already be taken by a squatter or being misrepresented and not supporting your brand values.  Therefore, we think it is critical to search and register your new brands as well as your existing brands.

We offer a range of social media services including searching, registering, monitoring and protecting names in social media networks.  We can manage the entire process for you – for searching, registering and monitoring over 400 popular social media networks including how to contact each site to have the name returned to you.

Finally, we also partner with a leading Social Media Consulting firm lead by the world famous and all around nice guy Peter Klein.  This service includes everything from understanding social media, to creating the right social media plan for your business or product and using the right tools.