Scriptability & Safety Testing

Script testing:  With stricter measures being imposed by regulatory authorities such as the EMA and FDA, it is clear that there is a need to mirror the procedures undertaken by these bodies when assessing the viability of potential trademarks.  In light of this, Origin offers a scriptability service whereby potential name candidates are scripted by doctors (written free hand) and assessed by pharmacists.

The objective is to determine if potential brand names are considered confusingly similar when scripted (written in a doctor’s handwriting) with an agreed sample size.  Doctors’ scripts are then assessed by pharmacists to determine any look-alike or sound-alike similarities with existing products and likelihood for confusion.

Safety testing:  The safety testing process comprises panel practitioner input and aims to simulate the clinical setting, taking into account the environment in which the new product will likely be stored, ordered, dispensed and administered, in order to expose problem areas and minimise risk of possible errors.

Safety testing uncovers potential problems arising from look-alike and sound-alike names and also reveals other potential nomenclature problems with the proposed trademarks.  Such problems include confusion with medical terminology, jargon, abbreviations, associated equipment and laboratory tests.  The evaluation includes consideration of USAN and WHO criteria to identify potential confusion with non-proprietary drug names.