DuPont – Fontelis

DuPont - Fontelis

DuPont asked Origin to create a range of names based on a newly developed active ingredient – a next-generation SDHI fungicide.

The products share some features and attributes such as long-lasting, broad-spectrum and protective, systemic and curative activity.  However, the naming strategy focused on developing distinctive identities due to the differing needs of the target audience and the diverse types of crops/products.

Vertisan and Fontelis are the first products to be launched based on the new a.i.  Powerful and evocative, the names are meaningful and relevant, helping to differentiate and structure the new portfolio of products.

Fontelis, developed for fruit and vegetable growers offers broad-spectrum efficacy, protection against quality reducing diseases and an innovative platform for superior results.  Derived from ‘foundation’ and ‘intelligence’, the innovative tone and positive/upbeat messaging resonates well with its target audience.

Both Vertisan and Fontelis deliver confidence and re-enforce the DuPont goal of helping to achieve high-yielding high-quality crops at the end of season.