Dow – Axeleron

Dow - Axeleron

Dow asked Origin to develop an identity for an innovative new brand family for the Dow Electrical & Telecommunications portfolio.

The product family includes the entire portfolio of best-in-class insulation and jacketing materials and provides significant benefits to customers.

Previously there had been no brands associated with Dow telecommunications products. The Dow AXELERON™ name provides an opportunity to develop a brand that will embody the differentiation Dow E&T products bring to the market, creating a platform for the future by uniting its offering to the telecommunications industry under one brand.

The new brand identity is powerful, fresh and modern, representing a step forward and re-enforcing the future focus of the product portofilo.

AXELERON™ was derived from ‘accelerate’ and ‘axis’; confident and powerful sounding with a technological tone it communicates speed, innovation and accelerated solutions.

The design is bold and engaging, suggesting strength, performance and vitality whilst re-enforcing the key brand values. Providing a distinctive, memorable and impactful visual identity for the new brand.

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